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Closing deals has never been this simple!

Struggling to meet the right people to advance your real estate business? 

With Roi's List you can complete a deal in 3 easy steps:

1. Tell others what you're looking for

Fill in your profile and tell people who your target audience is and what types of deals are you interested in.

2. Find investors based on your profile

Find the people who are really interested in a deal. We save you the hassle of trying to reach out to random investors and slowly building your network. Roi's List is an instant black book for investors to do deals with whenever you need one.

3. Make a deal

With Roi's List, it is easy to message anyone who is interested in making a deal. We fast-tracked the networking process so you don't waste your time searching for potential investors. Make a deal with someone looking for exactly what you've got to offer.


Make more money through networking with the right investors

Join the ultimate real estate networking community and start making deals instantly!


Find other investors in your area or other markets

Tell your network what you're looking for

Chat with other investors directly


Make more deals

Learn from the best

Quickly expand your network and advance your career


Expand your network

Whether you are just starting out and trying to build a large network, or you are a pro who is looking to have more deals brought to you at your convenience.

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From wholesalers, cash buyers, lenders, to contractors...

Roi's List is a one stop shop to meet, expand your business and grow your network.


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